Time to wake up!

I woke up around 5 in a warm bed and remembered this was the last day of the meteor shower. There had been clouds last night but maybe now..

The pup was awake and ready and it was still dark with scattered clouds. Venus was bright and beautiful.

Then!!!!! The brightest shooting star I have ever seen-as bright as Venus and blazing across the night sky. What a great way to begin a day!!! Maybe the boundless energy of a Sagittarius sun or the “just do it” discipline of this Capricorn moon got me out of the warm pleasure of sleep.

Maybe even deeper magic woke me. Whatever it is I love what it brings.The early morning hours are sweet and there is a reason this is often the time for prayer and practice. Prayer and practice can be given a boost by the miracles that surround us daily, but we have to be present for it.

Today I am grateful for the nudge to rise before the sun and wait for the miracle.

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