The Ogre

Its a long story why I’m usually up at 3, so I’ll skip that part. At 3:00 am this morning, “the noise” happened again. It sounded like that same biggish animal with an itch that had moved under my deck. We’ve been hearing it for a couple of days now. Maybe its a raccoon. They have been here before. Maybe a big possum. Dog, Baxter, has been sniffing around and barking a warning when he goes out at night.
Ripe figs, macadamia nuts, and pumpkin have made my back yard a destination resort for all sorts of critters and dog, though small, barks and protects me, and himself, as best he can. He does a pretty good job, but sometimes doesn’t know when to quit.
Did I say I am uncomfortable out at night-even in my own garden? Though I was scared a bit, I did go out with my flashlight and had a most unusual experience. I experienced me from the standpoint of the critters. The me encountered was a giant fleshy being that smelled very scary. The huge, hairless body was very creepy. Clothes were experienced as shreds flapping around the massive body making weird noises that only wild animals register. Footsteps were loud and earthshaking. And there was the blinding flashes of light. I was an ogre and very, very frightening. The me that was encountered was even more frightening than the barking dog with its sharp little teeth and intent to damage.
Dog came silent and we came back indoors. I thought of St. Francis who brought the wild things close. I considered my fear and my place and I prayed differently that night after 3:00 am.


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