Finding Home



Kalachakra Mandala
There are four cardinal points in the year – the Spring and Autumn Equinox mark moving forward from a point of balance. These are times when  the earth is midway in its journey around the Sun. The Winter and Summer Solstice mark points of extreme on our planet when either the light or the darkness has reached its maximum influence and it is time to move toward balance again.

At these natural points of change, I like to notice how my life is progressing. I celebrate and am actively grateful for all that has come to pass and enjoy the happiness that is in my life at this moment. I look honestly at my challenges and assess how I could in future do things in a way that might work better. I grieve losses and release those things that are no longer in my life.

If I look into what could be called the Ancient Wisdom, I see the Spring Equinox is the gate to my self. The Summer Solstice is the gate to my environment, my home and garden. The Autumn Equinox is the gate to relationship. The Winter Solstice is the gate to my community and my place in it and the next cycle.

Much of the work I do is aimed at assisting people to be more present for their lives.  Sometimes we need a bit of help and guidance to process strong emotions  and experiences. When we follow the natural cycles of the year it can help us open to the fullness and joy life has waiting for us.



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