Magical Life Tools



We live in an abundant world. Just look at the harvest. Plants don’t just produce enough to reproduce their kind. They produce enough to reproduce, feed the farmer, feed the livestock, and feed the wild world. Abundance is a feature of life on earth, a feature we can model in our own lives.

Tithing is based on the principle of practicing abundance. I encourage people to find the places in their lives that they feel good about supporting. It is good for us to draw from our treasury and give. It may be time you choose to give, or information, money, or material goods. All of these make up our personal treasury. Keep wealth of all kinds circulating. It is energy. It is love. It is in our nature to share and be generous. Try it.


I am a lucky woman. I live with a good person and we love and care about each other. I have family that is growing and bringing new and loving people into my life. I have a home and garden and good work. My body works and I sleep and am wakeful at the appropriate times. I get to take time to meditate and meet on deep levels with people. When I take a minute to remember and name these blessings in my life, it seems to increase the happiness I feel. I don’t know why this is so, but it is.

I find counting blessings is a great tool for living a magical life. The magic part is the magic of increase. It seems as I begin to name the blessings, more come to mind. The list of blessings expands and with it my sense of happiness and well being.

Even a day that starts out or is ending not so well seems to improve when I take the time to remember what is good in my life.

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