December 21 Winter Solstice

Sometimes it seems Nature organizes things in a pattern that is difficult to ignore. December 21, this year is one of those patterns. Early in the morning of the 21st, there is a full moon and total Lunar eclipse. We on earth loose sight of the Full Moon when the earth comes between the Moon and the Sun. This puts the Moon in the Earth’s shadow.

There are a load of people writing great stuff about this eclipse because it is so close to another event, the Solstice: Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern. The Solstice is the time of the year when the Sun seems to stop and change direction. If you watch the sunrise (and its a very good practice) you notice it moves quite a distance during the year from North to South and back again. The Equinox is the halfway point of the Sun’s apparent journey. At the Solstice, the ratio of day to night is at its most extreme. In the North for winter, the day is the shortest it will be and the night the longest. The Solstice is the critical point of directional change.  This year, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in for a rather complete darkening of the light. Not only is it the longest night, but the bright Full Moon is darkened by the Earth’s shadow and a full lunar eclipse deepens the darkness.

It seems the shadows are dominating the scene, doesn’t it? Yet all these changes are illusions that we are subject to here on Earth. The Sun is not really changing direction. The Moon is not really darkening or getting eaten up. It is only winter here in the north. Much of the world is having the long days of Summer bounty and the nights are short and loved for the cool they bring.

So here is part of my practice for this festival of “seems like”. I am going to allow myself to open to the magical possibility that all is not as it appears to me. I am going to open myself to the possibility that I have been tricked into believing things about my world and myself that may not be true. I am going to wonder about everything and take a wider view.

I will allow an experience of awakening to the reality of interconnection and oneness. I will feel my connection to all of life. I will experience acceptance of what is, even acceptance of my limitation to know and understand all of what is. I will surrender to Divinity, Magic, Joy, and Bliss and using my gift of imagination, I will see the luminous web of love and light connecting me through Presence with all.

I will imagine feeling understood and understanding, loving and feeling loved, serving and being served, healing and being healed. As I’m writing this, it seems so easy and it seems it is so. I will add blessing and feeling blessed. I will imagine all of us returning to belief in Magic and the power of Love.

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