Meet Suzann

friendlyI am a counselor who is committed to assisting people like you make a better life now.  Relationship issues, trauma, substance abuse, and stage of life issues impact all our lives in some way and it’s helpful to have a guide along the way. I will aid you by listening while you open to your own wisdom, providing  suggestions and insight. I will  gently support you in developing and using new, more successful ways to live and be your true, authentic, magnificent self.

I have been counseling individuals, couples and families as a 20 years as a licensed psychotherapist, trained at Pacifica Graduate Institute.  My experience and knowledge base is broad and I bring every bit of myself to my work.  I’ve let curiosity and passion lead me to   body centered approaches, behavior models, art, imagination and spirituality and my goal is to use all my self and my tools to bring you out of your story and into your self.

Suzann lives in Cardiff by the Sea, CA, where she enjoys living with her husband, the cat and dog,  and children and grandchildren close by.

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