Mind and Body Tips

Sherab Sangpo:
The Tibetan Master Patul Rinpoche say: “make sure your body is on the cushion, your mind is in your body, and peacefulness is in your mind.” If we create a good condition in our body and our environment, then meditation will be easy. There is a connection between the position of the body and the attitued of the mind. So make sure our body and mind are comfortable and relaxed when we practice meditation.”
This sounds so simple, but makes a huge difference. This is the kind of thing a mother learns with an infant. Babies who are uncomfortable for any reason can only cry–no content, no information, just sounds that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. Simple fixes make everything better most of the time. The body is always a baby. A little attention to comfort goes a long way.
I like this also because it speaks to relaxation of the mind. That sounds soooo simple and maybe it is for some. Not me. But it is key. When the mind relaxes, the heart opens. When my heart opens I am available to Life.

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