12 Days of Christmas

The days between Christmas and Epiphany, January 6, are known as the 12 days of Christmas. I’ve been told that we can get a good sense of the coming year by noticing these 12 days. I keep track in a special place of the tone of the day and incidents that incidents, accidents, meetings and miracles. Sometimes I make sure to do certain things to “stack the deck” in favor of what I’d like to see happen.

Christmas celebrates the coming of the Christ to this world-a coming that was humble indeed. Epiphany, celebrates the acknowledgement of the Christ as a ruler whose birth was announced in the heavens and whose Presence was honored by men of wisdom. They said  “We have seen his star in the East and are come to worship him”(Matthew 2:2).

I’m going to use these 12 Days of Christmas to quietly birth the Christ within and build to experiencing that Presence as ruler of my heart and soul.

Most traditions make Christmas night the first night and December 26, the first day of Christmas. This means January 5, is the 12th Night. Below is a link to a different take on the 12 Days of Christmas.


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